Coda Equities owns and operates commercial and multifamily real estate in prime urban markets and emerging markets throughout Southern California.

“We care for the wealth and security of our investors and their families through risk adjusted projects that add value to their surrounding communities and neighborhoods.”

Coda’s Principals have a wide and in-depth array of knowledge and hands-on experience in operating and managing income-producing property. We seek to purchase stabilized properties with in-place under market rents, as well as distressed properties where value can be added through re-positioning, intensive management, and an aggressive leasing program. The end result is the ability to provide the Company and its investors with strong, risk-adjusted returns.

Coda procures assets that provide a prudent investment vehicle, centering around capital preservation, appreciation and risk-adjusted returns. With a strong focus on capital preservation, Coda’s investments hedge against a recessionary environment, and by focusing on strong geographic locations, low risk asset classes and below market rents, the investments provide a safety net similar to bonds. Unlike a bond, however, Coda’s target acquisitions hedge against inflation and allow for additional upside through rent growth, amplified appreciation and tax benefits.